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Whatever we decide to label it -- rubbish, trash, waste, refuse, or garbage -- the piles keep growing. It comes from homes, schools, businesses, factories, and other places; it is generated by people of all ages. As hard as we try to reduce and recycle large amounts of waste, we will still have some left to be disposed of.

Being Eco offers services to cater to different stakeholders to manage their waste in an effective and safe way. We implement systems wherein the waste that is generated is managed as close to the source of generation (in-situ composting).

Find out what our service offerings are available for various waste management technique.

Waste Audit Our aim is to provide affordable solutions to individual home owners, apartments, hotels, resorts and other commercial complexes whilst ensuring the waste generated by these bulk waste generators doesn't enter landfills but is instead treated in-situ thus reducing the overheads of transportation, treatment and disposal. We provide a holistic solution on how wet waste that is generated should be collected and how it can be treated effectively.

In order to do so, Being Eco offers an Audit to all clients and prospective clients. An Audit is an effective tool that will help in determining the various types of waste generated and also the volume. This audit is designed to identify new ways of managing waste that allows the clients to:

  1. Reduce costs
  2. Increase efficiency
  3. Go ‘Green’
  4. Increase awareness about useful resource management
  5. Safe disposal of the waste

Being Eco carries out a thorough study of the apartment/commercial establishment/educational institution and formulates a detailed audit report which would include details right from the present scenario to the proposed treatment to infrastructure requirements to monthly running costs.

Following the audit, prospective clients then, if they are to act on the proposal, would:

  1. Sensitize the residents/employees/students through Being Eco’s training and workshops
  2. Bring out mandatory segregation of waste at source
  3. Setting up the required infrastructure
  4. Workshops and training for the housekeeping staff
  5. Monthly green workshop to keep the community involved
  6. Regular monitoring of the established system by Being Eco

Please Schedule an appointment with us to know how we could help your organization/community/educational institution.

Consultancy Being Eco works with developers and builders/construction companies in procuring Consent for Establishment (CFE) which is a form of No Objection Certificate (NOC). The Pollution Control Board (PCB) has now made it mandatory for apartment complexes with more than 50 houses to have in-house rain water harvesting, sewage treatment plant and solid waste management.

Being Eco helps these establishments in procuring the required CFE for the project to get a green signal from the PCB for the development to commence.

If you’re a real estate developer, Construction Company, property owner, builder, architect or a landscape engineer and would like for us to help you with the project approvals, feel free to Schedule an appointment with us to know more.




Corporate Social Responsibility Environmental Education is an essential part of every pupil's learning. It helps to encourage awareness of the environment, leading to informed concern for active participation in resolving environmental problems.

The objectives of environmental education are to increase public awareness about environmental issues, explore possible solutions, and to lay the foundations for a fully informed and active participation of individual in the protection of environment and the prudent and rational use of natural resources.

The activities have been developed to encourage students to observe and explore their environment; to understand relationships in nature, and between humans and nature; and to learn better how humans are an integral part of the intricate web of life. We believe that learning can be more fun, both for the student and the teacher, when based on real experiences. Taking responsibility for the solid waste stream at school empowers students by giving them a specific action to help their community and the earth. Students develop a sense of school pride by taking steps toward becoming a “green school” (a school that practices wise use of natural resources).

If you would like to know more about how Being Eco can help your school, please feel to contact us by scheduling an appointment with us.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been defined by the European Commission as “the responsibility of enterprises for their impacts on society”. According to the Commission, to fully meet their social responsibility, enterprises “should have in place a process to integrate social, environmental, ethical human rights and consumer concerns into their business operations and core strategy in close collaboration with their stakeholders”.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The launch of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Clean India Mission), a national campaign by the Government of India, has made cleanliness, collection and processing/disposing/reusing/recycling of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) a national priority.

Being Eco believes in a holistic approach to managing waste by engaging multiple stakeholders at different levels to create a large scale impact in the urban and rural communities. Through this initiative, Being Eco strives to work with different companies to implement waste management training programs with an added focus on composting and urban gardening.

Our service offerings are focused on delivering end-to-end waste management solutions which will be based but not limited to the following scope:
  • Designing strategy and programs incorporating best practices
  • Training programs and workshops to engage the entire team in your company
  • Team building exercise
  • Engaging behavioral change
  • Ensuring community involvement and sustainable impact on the society
If you would like to know more about how Being Eco can help your company, please feel to contact us by scheduling an appointment with us.